The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Walk through the enchanting hall of mirrors in Versailles, climb the base of Mount Everest, dazzle yourself with the glorious white marble of the Taj Mahal. The list goes on and on, and with almost 300 countries globally, the world is your oyster. Read our ultimate travel bucket list to learn about 20 of the most amazing world attractions that planet earth has to offer.

1. Explore the Taj Mahal

This glistening white marble structure is known to be a tribute to one of the most extraordinary love stories of all time, and is one of the world’s greatest architectural treasures. Following the death of his most beloved wife, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan decided to build the enchanting burial tomb during the 17th century as a token of his love and praise for her. The Taj Mahal, located in India’s city of Agra, took an entirety of 22 years to build; from 1632 to 1653. Explore the tomb’s beautiful interior Islamic art, and take a walk through the vast gardens surrounding it. A visit to the Taj Mahal will leave you feeling like you just visited a magical palace. It is no surprise that this magnificent attraction is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Take a look at these beautiful vacation rentals located near Agra, and rest assured that you will be staying in one of India’s most precious cities.

2. Witness the Sparkling Eiffel Tower

There is no feeling like the one you get witnessing the sparkling Eiffel Tower after sundown. The Eiffel Tower was built as a symbol of French industrial power, during the Paris Exposition of 1889 for the commemoration of the centennial of the French Revolution. This spectacular high architectural wonder of the world lights up every night from sundown until exactly 1 AM. The lights go on at the beginning of every hour precisely, so make sure that you get there a little bit before 9 PM to ensure that you get the full sparking Eiffel Tower experience. Here are some of the best places to stay in Paris.

3. Get stunned by the Parthenon at the Acropolis

The Acropolis of Athens is without a doubt one of our world’s Seven Wonders. Climb to the top of the Acropolis and walk through the gates of the Parthenon. The vast ancient structures will leave you feeling completely in awe. Make sure to stop by the Acropolis Museum to get a full understanding of the history of the Acropolis, and learn how the Parthenon really came into existence. A symbol of ancient civilization and classical spirit, the Parthenon is known to be one of the world’s most significant monuments. Stay in downtown Athens to experience the ultimate Greek experience during your visit to Greece. Traveling to Greece during the summer months is most definitely one of the peak times to visit this spectacular country.

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4. Travel to Petra

This beautiful rose-colored sandstone city hides spectacular archaeological stone structures and ruins that are truly a must-see. Chiseled and disguised in the vast mountains of the Dead Sea and bordering the famed Arabian desert, a trip to Petra is a magical experience that you should tick of your travel bucket list. Ride a camel and explore Petra’s breathtaking tombs, temples, and monastery. Book your stay in Jordan with us today!

5. Hagia Sophia

Constantinople’s Hagia Sophia, also known as the “Church of Holy Wisdom” is one of the most influential Byzantine structures of all time, as well as one of the oldest living historical structures. What makes Hagia Sophia so special, apart from its magnificent architecture and interior decoration, is its history in regards to religion. The monument was initially built as a church in 537 at the beginning of the Middle Ages, and was later converted into a mosque in 1,482 by Sultan Mehmed, during his conquest of Constantinople. Today a museum, Hagia Sophia is visited by three and a half million people each year. Book your stay in the heart of Istanbul and live an experience that you will always remember.

6. Discover the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the top must-sees on your travel bucket list. The beauty and precision of the Pyramids of Giza will leave you feeling marveled at ancient human architecture and construction. This Pyramid is the last surviving structure of the Ancient World’s Seven Wonders, and a defining symbol of the Ancient Egyptian world, as well as of ancient civilizations. There is nothing like exploring the pyramids up close, on a fun camel-back ride. Make sure that you stay in Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital, to ensure that you get to visit these marvelous ancient tomb structures.

7. Go on a Safari Adventure in South Africa

South Africa is widely known to be Africa’s microcosm of wonders. Glorious wildlife, vast landscapes, and rich diversity of cultures are only some of the few ways to describe this remarkable country on the bottom tip of the African continent. A safari adventure in South Africa is without a doubt one of the top activities that you must check off your travel bucket list. There are a number of safari adventures that you can participate in. Check out these exciting safari adventures at Kruger National Park, and live the true memorable African safari experience. Book one of these authentic South African vacation rentals and make your trip to South Africa the best of the best.

8. Visit the Iconic Sagrada Familia Church

In the Sagrada Familia, everything is providential. Antoni Gaudi

Don’t miss out on a tour inside  Gaudi’s magical church, Sagrada Familia. Stepping inside this gigantic nature-inspired marvel is a truly mesmerizing experience. Visitors claim that walking inside Gaudi’s interior designs and architecture feels almost like a trip inside an enchanting forest. Stay in Spain’s alluring city of Barcelona and witness some of the world’s greatest works of art.

9. Take a Trip to Mount Rushmore

One of America’s most prideful attractions, Mount Rushmore is a National Memorial, famous for its sculptures by artist Gutzon Borglum that represent four of America’s most prominent Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Book your stay in South Dakota and enjoy one of the country’s most influential monuments.

10. Walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

“Hollywood is not only a geographical place on the map of the world, but an idea and frame of mind. There is something that happens in a Hollywood studio that evokes brilliance, serendipity, and nostalgia all at once”

This is one of Los Angeles’s most famous tourist attractions, attracting 10 million visitors each year. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the stars embedded in the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The name on each star is a person who comes from the field of television, music, drama, radio, and film that influenced the entertainment industry. Check out some of the very best vacation rentals in the heart of West Hollywood, only minutes away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

11. Take a Bath in the Dead Sea

Located on the border of Jordan and Israel, the dead sea does not only have a tremendously beautiful landscape, but bathing in it comes with tremendous health and healing benefits, also known as “thalassotherapy.” Some of these benefits include DNA repair and energy production. A fun fact about the Dead Sea is that its extremely high salt properties (about 8.6 times higher salt levels than the ocean) create a natural buoyancy that allows you to naturally float on the water. If you are planning to visit the Dead Sea during the hot summer months, check out our Beach Vacation Packing List – Everything You Need this Summer and make sure that you do not leave anything behind.

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12. Have Some fun at Las Vegas Strip

Filled with some of the world’s most top-notch restaurants, casinos, and endless entertainment options, Las Vegas is guaranteed to never leave you feeling even a little bit bored. Check out some of the best events and shows that you can enjoy during your trip to Las Vegas, including the famous Cirque Du Soleil show, or the must-see Chippendales show.

13. Visit Versailles

Walk through the spectacular hall of mirrors during your visit in Versailles, built in 337 AD by King Louis the 14th, also known as the Sun King, or take a stroll through some of the most majestic gardens in the world. The beauty and magnificence of Versailles, undoubtedly make it on the very top of the Unesco World Heritage List. Book your stay in France and make sure to take a day trip to this magnificent palace.

14. See the Northern Lights

Head to the Arctic Circle if you want to see the unique colors of the northern lights and have a once in a lifetime experience. Book a cozy cabin in Alaska, relax in a thermal spa in Iceland, or book a vacation rental in Norway, and witness this spectacular phenomenon. But how does this spectacular phenomenon occur? The Northern Lights, also known as Auroras, are caused by solar winds that result in disturbances in the magnetosphere. The Northern Lights are definitely something that you want to tick off your travel bucket list.

15. Climb Mount Everest

Did you know that you could easily say that you have climbed a part of the tallest mountain in the entire world? Take a trip to enchanting Nepal, and trek to Everest Base Camp. The view of the Himalaya mountains is absolutely stunning, and a memory that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Book your stay in Nepal today and get ready for a crazy adventure above the clouds.

16. Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain

Italy’s Trevi Fountain is an all-time classic for travelers wishing to tick off some of the best locations on their travel bucket list. Legend has it that tossing one coin into the fountain ensures a return trip to Rome, tossing two coins will help you find love, and tossing three coins guarantees wedding bells! Millions of tourists visit the Trevi Fountain each year, with the hope of making their wishes come true. But visitors also visit for the fountain’s famed baroque architecture. Book your stay in Rome and make sure that you stop by this beautiful sight.

17. Experience the Great Wall of China

The famous Great Wall of China, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is on the top of the travel bucket list for travelers worldwide. Even walking a section of the 1800-mile length ancient border between Mongolia and China will leave you feeling accomplished and extremely appreciative for one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Book your stay in Beijing and don’t miss out on this exceptional experience.

18. Drive Through the Golden Gate Bridge

Book your stay in San Francisco and drive through the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges, connecting San Francisco to Marin County. One of the things that make this architectural marvel so special is that it stands as a symbol of American determination and perseverance during the depth of the Great Depression.

19. Visit the “Meteora Monasteries in the Sky”

Many people are not aware of Greece’s many beautiful monasteries, amongst them, the mystical monasteries of Meteora, known as the monasteries that reach towards the heavens.” In Greek, Meteora actually means “suspended in the air,” so it is no surprise that these monasteries leave you feeling like you are on top of the world. The six active monasteries are 1,300 feet high and are built on natural sandstone pillars. Worshipers would come to this world heritage from all over the world to discover blissful peace and pure isolation. Book your stay in Meteora today, and don’t miss out on Greece’s “monasteries in the sky.” It is a unique and enchanting experience.

20. Sail to the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the absolute symbol of the American dream of freedom and liberty. There is no question as to why this terrific sculpture is on our travel bucket list! Welcoming millions of international immigrants to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries, fostering the American melting pot, sailing to the Statue of Liberty is an ultimate must during your trip to or within the United States. Check out these chic vacation rentals in the heart of New York City and make your trip as fun and memorable as you deserve it to be.

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