The Best Romantic Getaways: 8 Destinations in the US

Feel like you need to escape with your loved one? There is nothing better than romantic getaways. Every couple deserves to escape to their own space of paradise. Here at A Greater Town we provide you with the best romantic getaways in ten of the hottest destinations within the United States, including Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, and California. What that destination will include is really up to your preferences. Every state will have a different beauty to offer, and for that reason, we have compiled a list with a variety of romantic getaways for your trip.

Romantic Getaways in Ohio

Carroll County

Looking for a tranquil romantic getaway in Ohio? Escape to Carroll County, which lies upon the ancient Great Trail, known for connecting the forks of Ohio, with the inland plains and Lake Erie. Stay in a cottage and get to enjoy the beautiful springtime and summertime scenery that this peaceful haven has to offer.


Looking for something a little more posh? Cincinnati city in Ohio is guaranteed to give you that sense of posh and peace that you are looking for. Stay at a high end penthouse apartment in the middle of this beautiful city, encompassed with 19th century architecture all around. Check out our variety of vacation rentals in Cincinnati here.

Romantic Getaways in Michigan

Benzie County

You will be surprised at the romantic atmosphere that Michigan has to offer. Benzie County will leave you and your loved one feeling like you just took a trip to an exotic island! Check out our list of hotels, motels and vacation rentals in Benzie County and pick the one you feel is most applicable to your moods.

Mackinac Island

Feel like feeling to an actual island? Then Mackinac Island is the place for your romantic getaway. Feel like relaxing by the water with your loved one, or going on an adventure and exploring? This marvellous island gives you the best of both worlds. Check out some of our best and latest vacation rentals in Mackinac Island for your stay today!

Romantic Getaways in Florida

Bay County

You will be surprised at the romantic atmosphere that Michigan has to offer. Benzie County will leave you and your loved one feeling like you just took a trip to an exotic island! Check out our list of hotels, motels and vacation rentals in Benzie County and pick the one you feel is most applicable to your moods.


Take a fun weekend trip to Miami! If you are looking for a lively getaway with romantic dining, Miami will surely offer you some of the best restaurants that our world has to offer. Enjoy the perfect date night at Miami’s spectacular El Cielo fine dining restaurant in the heart of downtown, or enjoy a couple drinks at Lagniappe’s famous wine bar. Pick your Miami listing with us today and rest assured that you will have one of the funnest and best romantic getaways yet.

Romantic Getaways in Wisconsin


If you are looking for romantic getaways in Wisconsin, then be sure to check out Milwaukee and its many hidden romantic gems! Enjoy the romantic view at Milwaukee’s famous Harbor House at a lunch or dinner for two. Relish yourselves with a theatre night at Next Act Theatre’s intimate venue. We have a list of over 150 vacation rentals for your stay, pick yours.

Door County

Cozy is the perfect word to describe a romantic getaway at Door County, Wisconsin. Check out our long list of cozy romantic cabins, and enjoy a romantic getaway filled with beautiful scenery, relaxation, and love.

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Romantic Getaways in Texas

San Antonio

There are some great spots to visit in San Antonio while on your romantic getaway. Discover magic with your loved one at San Antonio’s well-known romantic River Walk, or enjoy a romantic lunch while on Go Rio San Antonio cruises. The list goes on, check out our list of over one thousand places for your stay in romantic San Antonio today!


If you are looking for the best romantic getaways, the Dallas is definitely on the top of the list. Enjoy a classy date at a late night at the Dallas Museum of Art, or sip on the famous Frozen Irish coffee under the beautiful chandeliers of Dallas’s Twilite Lounge. At A Greater Town, we guarantee to offer you with some of the best places for your romantic stay in Dallas, check out our list here.

Romantic Getaways in Colorado


Take a romantic stroll along the Denver Botanical Gardens, or delve into the tastes of top worldwide chef Alex Seidel, at Denver’s Fruition, one of Colorado’s most impeccable restaurants. Pick your stay at Denver today!

Colorado Springs

Feel like having a late night adventure? Check out Colorado’s Cave of the Winds and explore the underground. Pick from our list of vacation rentals at Colorado Springs, and get ready for a romantic getaway that you will never forget.

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Romantic Getaways in Georgia


Date night? You got it- Anis Cafe and Bistro is surely one of the top romantic spots that Atlanta city has to offer. Feel like doing something different? Take a walk around the Georgia Aquarium, home 500 species of to tens of thousands of animals from all over the world. Book your stay through us and don’t miss out on the numerous romantic adventures that Atlanta city has to offer.

Blue Ridge

Soak in a jacuzzi with your loved one, take a stroll along the magnificent scenery, relax on a rocking chair, ride horseback, all at The Dillard House of Blue Ridge. There is so much to explore in this beautiful town of Atlanta, with numerous romantic spots to stop by on your way there. Our list of vacation rentals at Blue Ridge, Atlanta, are surely to leave you with a weekend to remember.

Romantic Getaways in Indiana

La Porte

Indulge yourselves in a romantic Italian dinner at La Porte city’s Trattoria Enzo, or enjoy the peaceful ambiance at Madison Vineyards while exploring the vast fields of grapevines. Pick your stay with us at La Porte, today.

Michigan City

Enjoy the spring or summer breeze while walking around Washington Park, hand in hand. Don’t miss out on the great number of events you take part in as a couple! Check out our list of vacation rentals for you and your loved one in Michigan city here and have some fun on your unforgettable romantic getaway.

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