20 Christmas Vacation Ideas

One of the most challenging things to do as the holidays approach is choosing the best holiday destination. The world is filled with numerous captivating places. The broad range of exciting locations sometimes makes it more challenging to select the best destination. 

To help you choose an ideal holiday spot, here are 20 Christmas vacation ideas.

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1. Arizona: Greater Phoenix

Also referred to as “the valley of the sun,” Greater Phoenix is one of the best Christmas hotspots. It features family-friendly and hot swimming pools. Besides that, there are numerous outdoor activities to engage in, including hot-air balloon rides, jeep tours, and hiking. 

Do you also want to get a bird’s eye view of the Sonoran Desert or the Camelback Mountain? Well, then you should definitely consider this place.

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2. Dominica: Commonwealth of Dominica

This island country which is in the West Indies is among the best Christmas vacation destinations. Commonwealth of Dominica is a thriving oasis of nature. It’s the perfect location for a cool and relaxing holiday. The numerous waterfalls, rivers, volcanoes, and the tropical rainforest provide a chaotic-free environment that’s refreshing.

3. Aruba: Palm Beach

Aruba’s Palm Beach is where luxury and a scenic natural environment meet. It features high-end hotels as well as warm waters which are inviting. Palm Beach’s dry climate makes it a suitable location for adventurous travelers. It provides holidaymakers with opportunities to shop, glow bowling, take a drive, and sample various meals as they enjoy their vacation.

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4. Finland: Lapland

Are you keen about white Christmas? If so, Lapland is a magical location that is normally graced with cotton-white snow during the holidays. Enjoying your festive season holiday here will be marked by interesting reindeer rides and dinner in the wilderness.

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5. Thailand: Krabi

You can make your Christmas vacation all about island hopping. There is no doubt that the stunning Krabi will make your holidays awesome. The charming Thai destination features jewel-blue sea waters from Andaman and powder-soft warm sands. Krabi is a budget-friendly location with the best beaches, including the famous Phi Phi islands.

6. Indonesia: Bali

There is no doubt that Bali is even more popular than Thailand itself. It’s a top international spot for holidaymakers where you can get the best tourist vibes. Bali is filled with magical hotels, stunning beaches, and a wide variety of delicious local cuisine. Generally, it allows people to spoil themselves fully. 

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7. New York City

December is a beautiful time to visit New York. During this period, this city is usually graced with the fine Christmas tunes, a snowy scenery, captivating window displays in shops, and numerous tree-lighting ceremonies. 

Although accommodation is often costly during this period, there are a lot of magical things that happen over the holidays. The empire state building, bridge, and central park are some of the locations that should feature in your holiday calendar. 

While you’re here, don’t forget to taste the iconic New York bagels.

8. Turks and Caicos: Providenciales

Providenciales is a renowned island in the archipelago of Turks and Caicos. It is a little heaven of its own thanks to the coral reefs, small cays, white-sand beaches, as well as turquoise blue waters. Provo is a family-friendly destination that offers holidaymakers endless varieties of outdoor activities. From scuba diving to swimming to surfing, this Caribbean jewel allows you to make long-lasting memories.

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9. Singapore

This tropical destination will enable you to quickly get in the Christmas spirit. The world-class malls, modern hotels, and diverse cuisine will leave in awe. This city features numerous festive events which are normally hosted in various neighborhoods.

In addition to that, the shopping districts of Marina Bay and Orchard Road is always bubbling with life. It should be noted that shopping is also a major activity in Singapore during the holidays. While you’re holidaying here, you will have a chance of getting lots of freebies and promotions.

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10. Fiji

Fijians are naturally fun-loving and homely people. If you are looking for a perfect way to wind up a busy year, then the beaches of Fiji are among the best spots to hang. 

Yasawa Islands and Nadi are some of the top beach destinations in Fiji. These beauties are filled with a unique marine life, and they offer a broad range of water activities.

Besides that, welcoming communities, numerous festivals, exotic and local cuisines as well as the music are some things that will leave you thrilled.

11. Eastern Caribbean Island: St. Lucia

The tapered mountains, volcanic beaches, fishing villages, and luxury resorts are some of the things that make this Caribbean island fantastic. St. Lucia is dramatically captivating, and it has numerous opportunities for active adventuring. Additionally, it has an outstanding culture that’s heavily influenced by English,

French, Indian, and African heritage.

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12. British Columbia: Whistler, Vancouver

This Canadian destination has the biggest ski resorts in the world. So, for those looking for a white Christmas, Whistler’s location in the mountainous coastal region of Vancouver is the best place for special holiday events such as sledding, skiing, and skating.

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13. Bahamas: Nassau

This is a charming city that lies on New Providence Island. Nassau has attractive white-sand beaches with stunning hidden cays. Besides that, the inviting turquoise blue waters in addition to the offshore coral reefs provide an excellent opportunity for snorkeling and diving.

14. Cook Islands

Are you interested in a low-key destination and alluring beaches? If so, then the Cook Islands might be the best holiday destination for you. With over 15 islands and sheltered lagoons, Cook Islands is a lovely picturesque destination that’s perfect for an extended Christmas gateway.

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15. Hawaii: Pahoa

As a hippie capital, Pahoa is a refreshing and engaging destination where hippies, new agers, and others can effortlessly interact. The Hawaiian “pride town” consist of friendly locals, exciting dining choices, various shopping centers, and historic buildings which are great for exploring during the festive season.

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16. Georgia: St Simons

This is a historic area that has something for everyone. St. Simon Island is truly captivating thanks to its rich history of lighthouses. It’s the most significant barrier found in the Golden Isles. This holiday destination offers tourists multiple outdoor options. Whether you love hiking, biking, fishing, or golfing, there is an interesting series of activities to engage in.

17. Canada: Ottawa

If you and your family love snow spots, then Ontario’s Ottawa region is one of the best places for you.

Ottawa normally transforms into a beautiful winter wonderland during the Christmas holidays. It’s generally an interesting place where you can find mouthwatering baked goods and well-designed handcrafted pieces of art.

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18. Costa Rica: Montezuma

For those who love nature, Montezuma has around 20 natural parks. There are also several lakes, rivers, and reserves. Overall, this is a biologically diverse region that offers every little bit of nature. Spending a few days in this jungle will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated once your holidays are over.

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19. Arkansas: Hot Springs Villages

This is the biggest gated community located in the US. Hot Springs Village is filled with numerous outdoor adventures. Besides that, it’s filled with arts, several forms of entertainment, and a wide variety of dishes.

Taking a staycation here during the holidays gives you an opportunity of viewing scenic waterways and spectacular surrounding views.

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20. Alaska: Anchorage

It’s renowned for its diverse culture. Anchorage is a destination that’s rich in history and natural wonders. This is the only place where wildlife, mountains, and glaciers melt. It perfectly blends the necessities of the modern world with the beauty of the natural environment. Anchorage is a stunning and exciting place where you can fully enjoy your vacation without draining your pockets.


Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. It’s the holiday to gift wrap, drink pumpkin spice latte, eat gingerbread cookies, and much more. If you have the traveling jitters during the holidays, then definitely consider the places that we have listed above.

In fact, bring your whole family and enjoy an exciting and fun filled holiday that you will remember and cherish for life.

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