“I Want to Get Away” Your Ultimate Weekend Getaway Guide

What makes us say “I want to get away

The responsibilities of daily life can really take a hold on us. Maybe you are fed up with work, maybe you are just tired and want to take a break, or maybe you love your job but feel like escaping to the countryside for a bit. Whatever the reason, people often times feel that they want to “get away” from daily societal constraints. The good news is that this is exactly what the weekend is for—take advantage of it!

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Why Weekend Getaways Are the Best

A Weekend Getaway Can Reduce Stress

The great thing about weekend getaways is that they are feasibly possible and do not require you to take days off from your work. A weekend getaway planned well could really be a weekend to remember, and can offer you some fantastic benefits. Research has shown that a weekend getaway is able to boost your mental and emotional health while reducing your stress levels tremendously. In fact, a weekend getaway is often times more valuable than a longer vacation.

The other reason why a weekend getaway reduces stress, is because during your short trip, you will not have the number of accumulated emails that you would have during the duration of a longer trip. The anticipation of accumulated emails in your inbox can really spoil a vacation for you. Through a weekend getaway, you know that you will only be away from the office from a short period of time, which means that there is less that you will have to anticipate and worry about upon your return.

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A Weekend Getaway is Easy to Plan

The first reason for this, is that a weekend getaway does not require the same planning that a longer vacation does. Simply said, a little bit of planning can have extremely rewarding results, and especially to your well being and levels of happiness. It is simple easier to plan a weekend getaway than it is to plan a lengthier vacation.

A Weekend Getaway is Less Expensive

The fact is, that shorter trips are less expensive. The short duration of your weekend getaway will require less funds that a longer vacation would. This grants you the ability to plan more trips. Therefore, instead of having one long vacation, you can have two or three shorter ones, on the weekend—without having to take a single day off work!

A Weekend Getaway Gives Us More Than We Expect

Another thing that makes a weekend getaway great is that people will usually not have high expectations of them. Subconsciously, we typically tend to hold higher expectations towards longer vacations. This occurrence is something that can oftentimes leave us disappointed. You can rest assured that this is not the case for your weekend getaway; in fact, you are more likely to have expectations lower than the experience that you end up receiving from your short trip to paradise.

A Weekend Getaway Can Boost Your Creativity

Studies have shown that a short weekend getaway has the ability to really amplify your creativity. In fact, traveling shows to boost your brain’s creativity levels. Weekend getaways are often times planned in a more last minute sense that a longer vacation is planned. This contributed to an element of surprise, that awakens our wonder and increases our motivation.

You Will Maximize Your Use of Time

Since you know that you only have a short given number of days to relax during your weekend getaway, you will be more motivated to maximize your use of time. This could mean that you choose to sleep and relax longer hours, or explore as much as you can. The short duration of your trip is sure to intensify your experience, as you will try to do as much as possible within your given period of time. During a weekend getaway, you are less likely to “waste” your time on things that are not as valuable to you, and are more likely to want to make the most use of your time. You are automatically put in a mindset that you need to take advantage of your time away as much as you possibly can.

It Is Easier to Disconnect

By going on a short weekend getaway, you are more likely to truly be able to disconnect than you are from a longer vacation. By disconnect, we mean from deadlines, work related emails, or even your cell phone! Whatever it is that you wish to disconnect from, during your weekend getaway, you will be able to do so. This is because individuals are aware that their weekend getaway will only last two to three days, and this maximizes people’s desire to truthfully disconnect as soon as possible, knowing that they will inevitably reconnect soon.

Types of Weekend Getaways

Romantic Weekend Getaway

Feel like you need to escape with your loved one? There is nothing better than a romantic weekend getaway. Every couple deserves to escape to their own space of paradise. Here at A Greater Town we provide you with the best romantic getaways. Check out our “Best Romantic Getaways: 8 Destinations in the US” for the best romantic getaways in the 10 hottest destinations within the United States!

Beach Weekend Getaway

Who does not want a weekend getaway by the beach? Imagine being able to lay by the beach and close your eyes, read a book, or hop in for a swim. Studies actually show that being around blue spaces, such as a body of water, is able to lower your levels of psychological distress. Escape you hectic lifestyle and plan a beach weekend getaway.

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Relax Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is the perfect opportunity for you to relax. Maybe you want to read a book, catch up on old habits, watch a movie, or binge watch your favourite show. Whatever you wish to do during your weekend getaway is up to you. By going on a weekend getaway, you are more likely to be able to relax; this is because when you are around your regular surroundings, you are more likely to attend social events or get carried away by your regular daily routine. Thus, physically leaving your daily environment will grant you the opportunity to relax and to focus on nothing but yourself.

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